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Brooke Hourigan

Brooke Hourigan


Brooke Hourigan Bertholf has had her practice with the Barnum Financial Group as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional for the last 20 years. Before coming to Barnum, Brooke began her career in the financial industry with Ameriprise. In 2007 she became satisfied with the credentials for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation. Brooke attended Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, where she received her bachelor’s degree. After graduating, she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in business, either in finances or by becoming an attorney. Ultimately, Brooke decided to follow her instincts and dive into the financial and investment industry.

Brooke’s biggest motivators are her clients, as she looks forward to helping them achieve their financial goals. Brooke finds satisfaction when a long-time client finally crosses the finish line and reaches goals that they set years prior.

Before coming to Connecticut and beginning her career with Barnum, Brooke grew up in a small, rural town in New York’s Hudson Valley region. From an early age, she learned two fundamental principles in life- family and business. One activity that brought her and her family together was her parents’ apple orchard. Brooke’s family home is on the same land as the orchard, and they would regularly harvest apples as a family. Her family also conveyed the importance of business. Brooke’s father worked in a local manufacturing union and her grandparents owned a department store.

Currently, Brooke lives in Oxford, Connecticut with her own family to instill the same values. Brooke is married to the team’s Practice Manager, Jeff. Together they have two children that keep their lives full, daughter Addison and son Jack. They also have two Great Danes named Otis and Charlotte who are littermates. With so many people in one household, Brooke can’t imagine not being busy. 

Outside of work, Brooke rarely has free time. Her children are involved in a variety of extracurriculars. Addison is a very talented Irish step dancer and enjoys playing softball. Jack is involved in swimming, soccer, and baseball. Outside of being a full-time super mom, Brooke has several interests. She likes to watch and cheer on the Yankees, spend time at the beach, and travel.

Brooke is licensed and registered to offer products and services in CT. Licenses and registrations will vary.
Domiciled in CT.